Northern Alps Tour - Midsummer 2022

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Northern Alps Tour – Midsummer 2022

Enjoy a fascinating and unique journey through Japan’s Northern Alps peaks and their surrounding countryside village with our Northern Alps Tour – Midsummer 2022.

One of the main benefits of this tour is traveling Japan during some of the hottest months. Since you’ll be spending the bulk of your time in and around higher elevations, you’ll escape Japan’s most intense summer heat and humidity while enjoying its spectacular greenery.

Although this adventure does have you starting in Tokyo and ending in Kyoto, most of your time will be in and around the mountains.

Starting Out

Your tour starts in Tokyo, taking in as much of the city (and food!) as possible in two days.

From there, you’ll move to to the Nakasendo area. In ancient times, there were limited roads connecting Kyoto and Tokyo, and much of one of the main roads still remains to this day. Here you’ll enjoy Tsumago, Magome, and Naraijuku before moving to Matsumoto.

Matsumoto is a charming town famous for its stunning castle and surrounding beauty. Here you’ll spend a couple of days exploring the town, its people, and its history.

First Challenge – Hotakadake

Your first major challenge will be Hotakadake, located on the borders of Nagano and Gifu Prefectures. While the initial hike through Kamikochi is scenic and relaxing, you’ll quickly gain elevation as you approach the Karasawa Cirque and are surrounded by the commanding Hotaka peaks. Your climb will include the use of chains, ladders, and rock scrambling.

After Hotakadake you’ll relax in luxury while touring Takayama and moving to the Toyama area. Takayama is a town famous for its furniture making and traditional crafts. Like the Nakasendo, there’s no shortage of photogenic traditional buildings as well.

Second Challenge – Tateyama

Your next challenge will be Tateyama. Starting from the Murodo Terminal at 2400m you’ll move to Raichozaka, traverse the ridge right in front of the majestic Tsurugidake, then make your way back down towards Murodo via Oyama. While not as challenging as Hotakadake, there are spots of rock scrambling as you descend back to Murodo.

After Tateyama, it’s on to the seaside city of Kanazawa. Kanazawa is a city historically known for its art and cuisine as the region was once one of Japan’s most powerful and wealthiest.

Final Challenge – Hakusan

Your final hiking challenge will be Hakusan, just south of Kanazawa. Perhaps the easiest of your three hikes, Hakusan makes up for lack of difficulty with trail length and temperamental weather. A clear day on Hakusan is a special treat indeed!

After Hakusan, you’ll move to the famous Yamanaka Onsen area to enjoy one of Japan’s finest ryokans and a town revitalized by its long history in crafts.

Finally, move to Kyoto to finish up your amazing Japan Northern Alps Tour – Midsummer 2022.

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