Luxury in Nature Series

Luxury in Nature Series

Step off the beaten Japan travel path and enjoy true luxury in Nature.

Japan is well-known for its concrete jungles, endless streets lined with restaurants and shops, and crowded trains.

Japan holds much more than urban adventures, though.

The forests of Japan are dense, green, and ancient.  Many of these forested areas offer world class hiking and trekking to visitors, set against an amazing backdrop of history.

Additionally, Japan has no shortage of soaring mountains and deep, gorgeous gorges to explore, and often visitors are able to enjoy both in the same day in many areas.

Perhaps the most amazing aspect of the Japanese countryside is the people.  Japan has unique cultures throughout its various regions, but one thing remains constant:  the people are warm, friendly, and genuine.

Our Luxury in Nature series adventures are designed to be added on to most basic itineraries and will introduce you to a more relaxed and unique side of Japan.

Nagano and Niigata Luxury in Nature

Pushing out from the capital, travel through the mountains full of forests, gorges and towns seemingly lost in time and experience life on a remote island full of culture and the shades of the past.

Luxury in Nature - Eastern Tohoku

A journey along the east coast of Northern Honshu Island will expose you to the amazing sites and seafood of an area being reborn before your eyes after a great natural disaster.

Oirase Stream in Aomori

Luxury in Nature - Central Tohoku

An exploration of Honshu’s northern prefectures will lead you on a path that will show you sacred mountains, breathtaking resorts and a side of historic Japan is experienced by very few.

Ashidake in Hokkaido

Luxury in Nature - Hokkaido

A journey through Japan's northernmost island provides you with stunning glimpses of nature, history, and incredible culinary delights.