Destination reports

Destination reports

Here’s a fun, simple itinerary suggestion to explore Japan’s Nature:

Wake up early, enjoy a Japanese breakfast at your ryokan. After breakfast, meet your guide and head to the mountains.

There you’ll enjoy a morning of kayaking around Tedori Lake, a gorgeous turquoise mountain lake located in the southern part of Ishikawa Prefecture. While moving around the lake you’ll enjoy the lush green mountains as the snow-fed streams seemingly spill into the lake.

Once your kayak session is over, head to lunch at a local sushi shop. We love Kame Sushi in Yamashiro Onsen, although there are other delicious cuisine types available, including one serving locally caught bear meat.

After you finish lunch, stroll the local towns and check out the vibrant local crafts scene. If you prefer something a little more immersive, there are many local artisans willing to open their shop and for a hands-on experience.

Finally, your day will end back where you started – at your ryokan, enjoying an exquisitely prepared Japanese dinner.

Simple luxury, Japan nature style.

For more itinerary suggestions to explore nature in Japan, check out our itineraries page, here.

Tedori Gorge & the Mountains of Ishikawa

We recently braved the heat and headed to the mountains to explore the Tedori River in Ishikawa Prefecture.

As we always mention, Japan’s natural beauty is underrated, and it’s easy to see why! With the river a stunning turquoise, the mountains a deep green, and the rice fields providing a contrasting green/yellow, it truly is a painting come to life.

Here we explore the Tedori Gorge, its surrounding area, then head deep into the mountains where the rivers start to begin their journey to the ocean. In addition to small countryside villages we also enjoy some narrow valley views nestled in the Japanese Alps.

Along the way we found some wild walnuts growing and cracked some open for a quick snack. Their flavor was a bit tart and sweet, with the nut still not matured (pictured). We also came across some sun-soaked mountain berries along the path, which were amazingly delicious.